Sonic Pi and Minimalism

Hi there :

I’m trying to apply some minimalist techniques to audio


First one is called "Phasing",and consists on puting 2 identical

loops progressively out phase;they will realign after some time.

Here some practical example :

Steve Reich - Clapping Music (Scrolling)

The code i was trying is this:

# Loop Phasing

use_sample_defaults beat_stretch: 2, num_slices: 8, release: 0.5,amp: 0.7

sl = (line 0,8,inclusive: true).tick

live_loop :perc do
  use_bpm 90
  sample :loop_breakbeat
  sleep 1
  sample :loop_breakbeat,slice: sl
  sleep 1

Second,is extract midi information from an audio file;

as “Pure Data” does,and use some midi notes as source material.

Then i can apply some of these techniques:

Minimalism Music Techniques

I tryed something like this:

live_loop :perc do |f|
  sample :loop_breakbeat,note: hz_to_midi(f)
  sleep 1

If someone around know how can these can be achieved…

Think it will interest to musicians particularly.

Once again,thank you for your attention.


Hi @GWB70,

there is a working “clapping” example out there by William Denton since quite a while. You might be interested:

I used this a while ago to build a variation for demonstration purposes (see the headline “Clapping Music von Steve Reich”):

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Hi Martin :

Very interesting indeed,although the code is beyond my scope.

I’ll stick with SP,and also Pure Data,and try to get the best from both.

For all the rest i rely to a DAW.

Perhaps you want to subscribe to this course :

Real-Time Audio Signal Processing in Faust

I’ll do it anyway.If there’s something on Pure Data,please,

let me know.

All the best.