Sonic Pi and fractals?

I am new to the use of Sonic Pi and would be interested in knowing if it is possible to relate what I can do with Sonic Pi to any application with which to create fractal shapes and drawings. So, when making music with Sonic Pi, fractal forms could be generated.
Thank you

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What software are you using currently to draw fractals?

Hello, thank you very much for your attention. The programs I use (better said than I learn to use) are the following: Explorer FF, found here:
And the other program is, Visions of Chaos,


I just looked at your current softwares and I’m not really sure that it’s something you might do very easily. You maybe have to consider something that could allow you to code your fractals directly in some language, so you can import a library for MIDI or OSC communication. It would allow you to send messages from Sonic Pi to your code generating the fractal.

There may be a better way, but I think that mine would be the easiest one, but it requires some programming knowledge, which is a huge barrier of entry to just draw fractals reacting to music. Try to ask to other people, as one may have already tried this kind of works.

iI appreciate your interest and answer. I will keep asking. Thank you.

I found this question intriguing and did a bit of research on it. I agree with Bubo’c comment and think that a programmming solution perhaps using processing is the best way forward. However, I came across the virtuan ans synth which lets you produce sound output influenced by an image, and since it also allows for a midi input I hooked it up to Sonic Pi (both running on my Mac), and got it to scan a fractal image, feeding the sound output in as live_audio to Sonic Pi, and also feeding midi notes back to the ans sunt at the same time. It gave quite a pleasing outcome.
Here is the program I used in Sonic Pi.

#next 2 lines can be uncommented to stop the audio feed
##| live_audio :ans,:stop
##| stop
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.8,mix: 0.7 do
  with_fx :ixi_techno,phase: 4,mix: 0.5 do
    with_fx :level,amp: 2 do
      live_audio :ans,stereo: true
  use_midi_defaults port: "iac_driver_sonicpi",channel: 1
  live_loop :mout do
    #stop ÂŁthis can switch on and off the midi feedback to ans
    use_synth :growl
    midi n,sustain: d
    play n,amp: 2,release: d,cutoff: rrand(60,100)
    sleep rrand(0.1,1)

Tweet containing video of the system in use.

Link to the virtual ans synth

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Very nice @robin.newman.

@jomargrim : If you want to dive in Processing as adviced by Robin, you may be interested in a very famous book regarding the question of generating fractals and “nature inspired” forms, shapes, dispositives, etc… The book is The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman. You can view it online or buy it. I didn’t read it but it’s pretty popular in the generative art scene.

Hope this will get you inspired and creative.

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Magic Music Visual accepts OSC input and supports a number of different formats for creating visuals.

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Oh! Descuidé este asunto. Consideraré vuestras aportaciones. Agradezco muchos las respuestas. Gracias.