Some New Sounds

Worth putting a sound clip up somewhere? Might be interesting to hear what it sounds like :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t believe it works!!

Just installed this synth and had a play. Its quite impressive, with a wide range of built in voices. I think I had a brief look some time ago, but seems much improved. Lots of facilities. Running nicely on my Pi4

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Installed? You can install them? I’ve just been sending midi to the browser.


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For some reason I have come to like this one …

Somewhat better .
RPi 3 B+ with Stretch …
( Again Buster is buggered for my purpose
( using Python for programming ) )

I followed the links back till I found this too… mainly because I use Windows and the other one seems to be Linux-only.

I am VERY interested in this… I think it’s something the ‘Big Brains’ need to investigate, as it opens doors.


More and more that run in browsers too .
I like the sound of the above .

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Well seems to be for linux only. Helm by Matt Tytel works better for me. But I’m glad I can still play with the midi in the browser from webYOSHIMI

Hmmmm … Well it works