Search functionality?

I’ve been taking some time to practice keyboard shortcuts from “Essential Knowledge” in the tutorial. There’s no search function? Or am I missing something?

There is no search function indeed. You can try to compensante using the other shortcuts really well, or try to talk to the Sonic-Pi server from another text editor like Emacs or Vim. Some plugins have been developped for that. It’s a bit hacky, but it works.

I’d love to add a search function but right now I’m focusing purely on finding further financial support and putting my time into things that directly increase the profile and people’s awareness of Sonic Pi.

Please do consider supporting me on Patreon if you’d like to see features like this added:

I’ll +1 on the search thing—maybe it will bubble up to the top someday. Currently, I copy and paste between Emacs (Aquamacs on my Mac) and Sonic Pi. I would hope for Emacs-style ctrl-s/ctrl-r and also M-x-replace-string functionality inside Sonic Pi’s buffers.

Can someone point me to the hacky plugin that enables communication with Emacs? I hope there’s a MacOS version.

See eg:

(There are changes to the Sonic Pi API that will require several changes to the plugin code, but you get the idea).

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