Runtime Error Sonic Pi

Hi we are trying to use Sonic Pi in a school and keep getting a runtime error.
It works fine for an account with admin privileges but when a student logs in and runs any of the example codes the runtime error comes up.

I did think that it wants to write to C:\Program files which some programs do but I have noticed that even if I install to the Public folder it still gets the runtime error.

I have tried the full install and the portable apps installation.

Running Windows 10 -1909 4GB Ram Core I3

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you

Hello @jackm,

A view of the error messages that are generated would be very helpful in determining what is going on. (Also, such things as what version of Sonic Pi you are attempting to run). Is the problem always after Sonic Pi has started up, while you are trying to run some code in it?

Ok thanks, I will post the error tomorrow.
Were using the latest Windows Version of Sonic Pi as I only downloaded yesterday.


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Ta. It may also help to see the code that it is attempting to run also - so basically a screenshot of the entire Sonic Pi window would be useful :+1: :slight_smile:

Hi @jackm,

thanks for playing with Sonic Pi - and so sorry you’re running into a little trouble with it.

We’ll do everything we can to help get you up and running with it once we get a bit more info about what’s going wrong for you :slight_smile: