Reintroduction and some questions

Hello, my name is David and I thought I’d reintroduce myself.
I started using Sonic Pi in 2016 and was posting videos semi-regularly for a while.
Over the last few years I have focused more on hardware synths, but recently came back to SP.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a way to change my username? I’m active under a different name now. There is a field in my account preferences, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

  2. More of a feature request, but is there a way to send polyphonic midi notes, like play_chord?

  3. I was looking through some old video tutorials I published and considered updating them to 4.5. Then someone on YouTube mentioned a Sonic Pi course on Udemy and asked me to make one as well. Has someone here taken that course? Would you be interested in one?

Hi David
I think I can helo you with 1 and 2.
I have some admin privileges so if you let me know what you want your name to be I’ll have a go at changing it.
here is a function I use when playing notes including chords as midi

use_midi_logging false
define :plmidi do |notes,durs,channel=1|
  notes.length.times do
    if n.respond_to?(:each) #is the element a list?
      n.each do |nv|
        midi nv,sustain: d,channel: channel
      midi n,sustain: d,channel: channel #if notes[x] !=:r
    sleep d

puts notes.length,durs.length
plmidi notes,durs
sleep 1
#you can use chord commands
cd = (chord_degree :i, :A3, :major)
puts cd

plmidi cd,[1] #as a series of notes

plmidi [cd],[0.5] #played as a chord

plmidi scale(:c4,:major).reverse.mirror,[0.2]

basically you play the chord by playing the midi notes with the required duration, but with no sleeps between them. If they are part of a tune then you have the whole tune as a list and in that list have sub lists where you have a chord.
I fed this into vmpk on my Mac and played the piano voice synth on it.
You can add a velicity factor if you want.

I’ve been using

for note in chord
  midi note