Raspberry pi 5 on pre-order

New Raspberry Pi 5 on preorder from today. Will be interesting to see how sonic-pi runs on it. However no audio jack so you’ll have to use usb interface or audio over hdmi and monitor. However this is same as for pi400.


Too bad about the audio jack .
Worse about the need for fan (if true ?)
AND … Yes … interesting how the new OS
will handle SPi …

The fan is (strongly) suggested for the computationally intensive tasks; Indeed a fan is included in the new case and a more powerful one, with a big heatsink, is available as an add-on.
I’ve read that both are pretty silent, fortunately.

I’ll soon make a preorder!

-------Sonic Pi ?---------

It depends on the complexity of the patch/program you’re creating: some sonic pi creations can be quite intensive. :slight_smile:
Anyway If the fan is really silent(ish) it won’t be a problem; I believe is a reasonable trade-off for more computational power.

Looks like there is a new release of the raspberry pi os coming out with the Pi5. I’m hoping it will be based on 64bit Debian 12. I have been playing with the arm64 version of that on a virtual machine on my Mac and have now got Sonic Pi 4.4 working nicely on that under pipe-wire with qpwgraph giving a nice graphical way to patch the audio and midi links.

IIRC I’ve read on the officialPi blog that a new version of Rasperry OS based on Debian 12 “bookworm” is ready to release with the new hardware.

I want to add that I’m currently using Debian 12 on my laptop and Sonic-Pi (+ jack) works really fine; I followed the build guide and after some minor nuisances everything is up and running! :grinning: :v:t2:

Hi rangmod. Yes I have run sp on Debian 12 with jack directly, but this is the first distributor I have managed to get it working with pipe-wire which can integrate pulseaudio and jack as well.

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