Problem with samples

Hi everyone!
I am studying SPi with the integrated tutorials and i have got a probleme to load my samples in the SP window…I am on Windows 10 and i tried to name and rename the path to search for the samples on my computer but in vain :neutral_face:
Someone of the community could help me to find a solution?
Thanks a lot!! Beryann

Hi @beryann! Welcome to the forum.

I would recommend trying to manually drag and drop the file for the sample you want into the Sonic Pi window. This should result in the exact path need to access the file in Sonic Pi. Then you can just assign a variable name to that path.

I made a tutorial about it here (although I use a Mac but it should work the same in Windows)

Hope that solves your problem!

Hi and thank you for your welcome! :grinning:
ok i tried the drag and drop but, problem, i can’t reduce the SP window (in Windows) so it’s impossible to drag the sample into the window :neutral_face:
So i watched your tutorial and it’s very well done! and i found effectively the solution: i found the path cliking on the sample! But on my computer all the slashes were not in the “good” sens: \ I don’t know why…so i had to write every where in the path on the good one like this: / and after that it worked!! :grinning:
so it’s great and thanks for help!!
ps: on windows others users have the same problem?? (to reduce the SP window to do the drag and drop) :thinking:
Have a nice day!

With regards mvoing and resizing the window.
You may be able to drag the window from the top by holding down the Alt key then dragging with your mouse. If you can get to see a corner you may be able to resize the window. Also turning off various items on the screen via the view menu particularly the metronome and the tabsmay enable you to make the window smaller. If you can set the screen resolution higher this may also help.

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Thanks a lot Robin i’ll try this…!! :wink:

It works perfectly with the alt key!! Thanks a lot Robin!! :grinning: