External sample is not working

Hi there, I am just a beginner and I would like to work with external samples, I read the mehackit tutorial about the external samples but it doesn’t work…

(I attached a screenshots)

Many thanks!

Hi @vale,

I don’t right now have a Mac to try but I guess, using the relative path (starting with /User) might not be enough (assuming, that the sample you are refering to is in place).

The easiest way to get a valid sample path: Just drag the sample into your Sonic Pi buffer: You will get a string (absolute path) to your sample. Hope this helps…


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For the record, on macOS, just like Linux, any path starting with / is an absolute path. It just so happens that the Linux equivalent of /home/sam is /Users/sam on macOS :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to open up a Terminal and type in the following:

ls /Users/valerio/Documents/Samples

That way we can verify if there is an issue with the path or whether there is something more problematic :slight_smile:

Yes, first part of what I said is not correct. Nevertheless the second paragraph still is :wink:
Thanks @samaaron for putting this in the right context.

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