Physical synths in synthinfor.rb

I saw in this thread that it’s possible to define your own synths “natively” by editing the synthinfo.rb file. From the example I can get the gist of it. My question is whether I can make something similar for an external synth, like my SE-02, which is connected via MIDI?

I’m afraid not at the moment although it’s an interesting idea.

Right now the play and synth methods are built around the idea that an OSC message gets sent to the SuperCollider server.

If you wanted to make it easier to call an external synth you could try prototyping a function, say midi_synth, in which you wrap up all the code you’d normally use to trigger it. I’m afraid I don’t really have a midi setup myself so I can’t test this out right now.

I’ll try and do that, and post what I arrive at.

This may be relevant: