Onset bug v3.3 on macOS Big Sur

Hey everyone,

just a quick heads up that Sonic Pi v3.3 has a bug on macOS Big Sur when you use the onset: opt for sample such as:

sample :loop_amen, onset: 0

Running this code will kill the language server rending the app broken until you close and restart it.

Unfortunately this isn’t an issue with our code, rather it’s some sort of conflict between the macOS Gatekeeper system (which protects from malware and other nasties) and Sonic Pi. It only happens if Sonic Pi has been signed, notarised and is running within a so-called “hardened runtime” on Big Sur. Previous versions of macOS appear to be unaffected - so I think Big Sur is being especially strict here.

We’re currently prioritising this bug and are looking into ways to fix the issue. Apologies for letting it get into a release. Hopefully we can have a new working release ready to test shortly.

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