Obs studio doesn't catch the dropdown windows


Well i’m using OBS studio to record some tips but i notice the dropdown list as we type use_synth and then choose a synth in the list is not recorded by osb.


Does anyone among you meet this issue and have found a solution ?
Can sonic pi be modified to get this possible ? I do understant is not a sonic pi issue :slight_smile:

Just wondered, are you recording the screen or a specified window? The former might catch it, but I haven’t tried it.

yes i’m recording a specified window. Will try tomorrow with screen on Windows 10.

Unfortunately it’s a quirk of the way operating systems render drop down menus - they’re in effect additional windows:

thanks for the reference.

Well on my machine with windows 10, i’ve tested to record the screen and it doesn’t work >> blackscreen.
I will find an alternative

On Ubuntu 18.04.04 with obs studio, the recording screen method works to catch the dropdown menu.