My:code:had🅰takotsubo /// live coding performance

Hi, I’m vorinc!
please, feel free to check my performance with my clumsy code


Hey @vorinc!

Fab stuff, thanks so much for sharing and a huge warm welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Sounds great!
I don’t think your code is clumsy… if it works!
I’ve got imposter syndrome with my code, but, I started out as a designer & picked up “coding” (self taught)… but, “things work”… it’s an interesting discussion to have about “what’s the right way to code” (isn’t it?) - but again, I’m an outsider when it comes to proper coding!
keep up the good work, sounds great.

Hi @vorinc !

Good mood !

May i propose you a little tip, you can use the stop keyword on the first line of a live_loop and comment or uncomment it. It would avoid you to select all the live_loop code and then uncomment.

live_loop :boo do
  ##| stop
  sample :drum_bass_hard
  sleep 1

happy coding !

Wow, thank you so much for listening e for creating this beautiful software! it’s a nice jorney learning it!

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Thank you so much for your kind words :slight_smile:
Sometimes I thought I could write things in a more elegant and efficient way, but I’m happy with the result of this “track” anyway. I’ll keep learning!

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These are the kind of tips I was looking for! Thank you so much my friend! I’m learning everyday new things about sonic pi. For example I had problems syncing live_loops with cue and sync functions, but today I found out the logic I was missing.
Now I want to go deeper than just performing with muting and unmuting parts!