My first tune "Quarantooli"

Hi Guys, my name is Tulio Tercero. Im from Honduras, right in the middle of Central America. I do have a musical background, studied jazz many years ago but retired from all of it and went to work in graphic design. I first knew about Sonic Pi a couple years ago but felt it was way to difficult for me cause I dont have a coding background and always felt programming was to hard for me. Well because of the quarantine I came back to it and the last weeks I have been experimenting with it to create my own songs. I have started a project called Toolee Bits in which I will share my tunes on social media and some tutorials (english and spanish alike) from an amateur coder standpoint exploring Sonic Pi.

This is my first tune called Quarantooli, its got a synthwave vibe to it. I can tell you guys I find coding and everything that has to do with it very hard to grasp but actually Im having very much fun with Sonic Pi. Here I share with you guys the youtube version where you can see the code of the tune and also the soundcloud version if you like it. You can find the source code in the youtube description of the video.

Let me know what you guys think, im glad to be part of this community, cheers


Hi @ttercero,

nice work, I like it. What I also like is the little ancient computer screen at the side :wink: . Keep on programming, creating and sharing you tunes here. This is really a very friendly community.

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Good one! Its giving me some ideas too :smile:

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That’s really cool, for your first tune; I enjoyed it :headphones:

Hey guys, very appreciated your support, thanks so much for listening, I will keep you guys posted about new tracks. Thanks for taking the time, cheers

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