Mixing in Sonic Pi

There are a number of approaches to mixing material within the context of live coding in Sonic Pi—that is, adding and subtracting live loops, “muting” and “unmuting”, fading in and out. Although I’m very familiar with the Help section of the Sonic Pi IDE, I’d like to know if there are methods and techniques that are more encouraged than others, but more broadly, how other users mix material.

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Really nice question, thanks!

I think this is an area that Sonic Pi needs more work and development. It hasn’t been a core focus so far because it’s a very advanced use case (way beyond play and sleep which is typically used in schools).

I’ve developed my own set of practices which work for the music I’ve been making so far, but definitely feel there’s space for a lot more…

My standard approaches at the moment are to use the sync: opt in live_loop to ensure synchronicity and then using stop internally to stop a live_loop. I also make heavy use of # comments to toggle a sub-part of the audio in and out. Finally, I use FX such as :lpf a lot to help get the mix right.

Out of interest, do you have any particular mixing techniques you wish you could reproduce in Sonci Pi? Where is it holding you back? I’d love to know :slight_smile: