Midi using with_fx


I noticed you using your little moog with effects like:

with_fx :reverb, room: 1 do
  with_fx :slicer, phase: 0.25 do
    moog_sub_phatty :e1, sustain: 8

I am using soft synthesizers via the midi_note_on . How do you get it to work so that the sound is generated by the external synth and then is brought back into sonic pi so that it can use the effects like reverb and slicer. In other words, work like one of the native supercollider synths. Also, how do you hook up sustain to control I assume a CC in the external synth. I figure there must be some hidden code here associated with your moog_sub_phatty function?

Hi there,

it looks like you’re referring back to one of my practice sessions where I was experimenting with different abstractions for representing and manipulating midi sounds.

I believe in this case, 'moog_sub_phatty` was a fn which did two things:

  1. Triggered a call to midi (with the right opts for the sub phatty)
  2. Triggered a call to live_audio (with the right opts to get the signal from the sub patty)

You can therefore achieve this either by defining your own fn, or just calling these two separate fns (midi and live_audio) yourself.

In order for this to work, you need to make sure that you can trigger your synth via the midi fns and also for you to get the audio signal into your audio card. I do this with external hardware synths by plugging MIDI cables into my synth and audio cables out of it and into my sound card. However, I’m not entirely sure how you might do this with soft synths. I think it entirely depends on your operating system and knowledge of arcane audio magic.

I should also add that I use this technique in all my performances now. I trigger beautiful sounding hardware synths with MIDI and then manipulate the incoming audio using live_audio.

Do let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: