MIDI Slide? Continuous Control?

Hello gang! Been a while.

Was using Sonic Pi to control iPad-based synths, the other (through Inter-Device Audio & MIDI, aka IDAM). Worked quite well and it was a lot of fun.
Thing is, didn’t find a way to continuous control anything (pitchbend, CC…). These fns don’t have _slide opts. But maybe there’s an easy way?
Part of it is to reproduce legato mode. Tried a monosynth which supports legato out of the box and, weirdly enough, it wasn’t really possible for me to trigger that legato (there’s always a gap between notes, even when release is longer than sleep).

So, again, maybe there are obvious things about SPi’s MIDI output which didn’t jump at me, yet. If so, sorry (couldn’t find out through forum searches either). Can anyone point me in the right direction?


– Alex

Hi there,

unfortunately MIDI doesn’t support the notion of ‘sliding’ values from A to B over time t (which is something I taught all the built-in synths when I designed them). Therefore, the only approach is to send many delta CC or pitchbend messages.

One approach which should help when sending a lot of messages over a short period of time is to use at which will schedule the messages ahead of time and allow you to send a whole load of them at once. This is how midi_clock_beat is implemented :slight_smile:

One day, it would be nice to implement a slide-like layer for arbitrary OSC/MIDI messages which would sit in the Erlang scheduler but that’s for the future :slight_smile: