Midi Setup for Windows


as I have another seminar at Leuphana University coming up in October (and midi/osc will be an issue there) I’d be grateful for any hints what to take care of in case you want to use Sonic Pi/Midi/OSC with a Windows system. Unfortunately I do not have a Windows system available but I would like to know the common pitfalls you can run into with Windows to be able to give at least basic support.

I do have a Mac though and can try on my own. Nevertheless also here I’d be grateful for hints and tips about the setup.

Thanks in advance

MIDI works even better on Windows than it does on Mac :slight_smile:

The device hot swapping works - so you can plug in and remove your MIDI devices and Sonic Pi will notice immediately without having to restart the MIDI system.

One minor gotcha is that Windows provides its own MIDI synth which is enabled by default. You’ll therefore have to use the port: opt to specify a particular MIDI device rather than relying on the ‘send to all ports and channels’ behaviour.

Good luck!

Hi @samaaron,

thanks for this insight!