Midi_pitch_bend after midi_note_off causes audible bend artifact

After doing midi_note_off for a note whose pitch has been bent, I thought it would be a good practice to reset pitch bend back to 8192 (0.5). I expect I don’t actually need to do this if every midi_note_on is always preceded by its midi_pitch_bend—which they are—and I can’t envision a situation where it would be wrong to have that preceding midi_pitch_bend, or wrong to leave it bent, except perhaps if I go to play that same synth live with an external controller.

Setting the pitch bend back to the middle, however, frequently leaves an audible artifact of the bend even though it’s preceded by midi_note_off. I expect that’s due to the synth’s release setting (right?) and that MIDI pitch bend always takes immediate effect by design. I don’t want to throw in a sleep just to give the notes time to end before resetting pitch bend, so all I’m left with is never resetting the pitch bend at all after turning a note off. Is that in fact the best practice?