Export the tuning midi of Meantone

In the 1st version of use_tuning :meantime in the log window you see how the pitch of the midi values of the notes are changed by the effect of Meantone intonation :

C4 = (note: 60.0)

D4 = (note: 61,931)

E4 = (note: 63.8631)

I want these midi values recorded in Ableton to be reflected in Midi Ctrl Pitch Bend.

So I change the play version to midi and configure my Iac driver port but the midi recorded in Ableton doesn’t record those midi values altered by Meantone’s intonation.

How can I get them recorded in Ableton ?

Hi @Lunatico,

the tunings listed via use_tuning are only available from the built-in synths accessed via play or synth.

Unfortunately there’s no standard pitch deviation for a pitch wheel to do use pitch wheel changes for midi calls. Also, this would likely change the pitch of all currently playing notes on your external MIDI synthesiser - or not - depending how your synth is implemented.

Until MIDI provides a better resolution than 7 bits for pitch, you’re unfortunately in the position of having to implement a bespoke solution for the external synths you’re using.

Luckily, Sonic Pi has functions which can allow you to do exactly this. So even though there’s no built-in mechanism, you could implement it yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Sam!
Thank you for your answer.
How sad, I thought it was possible to translate the value of the midi notes into pitch bend values.
Is there a program that does this?

It could be, if you also know the range of the pitch bend values on the target MIDI device. Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately for flexibility) there’s no default for this range.

I’m unaware of anything else that might do this - although others here might be able to chime in.

Still, you should be able to do it with Sonic Pi by sending two messages - although as I said before, the pitch bend will likely affect all playing notes on the target synth - depending how the synth is implemented. Or not. Or some of them… There’s no standardisation here.