Tuning synths in Sonic Pi according to notes

For some time I have tried to make instrumental covers of some of my favourite songs. I tried to produce the notes but could not get the desired results. I think there is some problem with the tuning. Can we tune a synth in sonic pi? Can we even use sonic pi to get the same results as of a normal piano or other instruments?

If You use MIDI note numbers or ’ ABC ’ notation to write your scripts ,
the tuning will be equally tempered chromatic referenced to A 440 Hz .
This closely matches most popular music .
If the group You are trying to match uses non-standard tuning …
I.E. Ethnic or Just influenced , ( Or has a flat piano :smile: )
You may need to adjust your scales .

#For example ( for Pythagoran tuning ) .......
for frequency in 1..1000
midinote[frequency] = hz_to_midi(frequency)

There are some helpers in Sonic Pi to adjust the tuning, so you should be able to get it to work.

If the music is using nonstandard tuning, you can use for example use_tuning :pythagorean, :c to use pythagorean tuning with a fundamental note of middle C (replace with :just or :meantone to use other tuning systems).

If it’s just that the Sonic Pi is slightly sharp or flat relative to the music, you can adjust that with use_cent_tuning N to adjust the tuning by N cents (increments of one hundredth of a semitone) - so 50 will shift it up half a semitone, or -25 would shift it down a quarter of a semitone.

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