Midi clock and co


Have you some good ressources about midi clock in general to share ?

what is it possible in sonic pi ?

  • send midi clock to another midi device, sonic pi can change the tempo of the midi instrument
  • receive midi clock from a (master) main</github joke> device

It seems a important fied that it can be tough…

Hi nlb,

I use this

live_loop :clock do
  midi_start if tick == 0
  sleep 1

It’s not possible to sync Sonic Pi to external clock for now
The clock is send to all available midi devices connected, you can’t specify one.
If you change the tempo of the midi clock, the receiving device will adjust it’s tempo.

Thanks for your answer @Bohrbug .
Just tl be sure : Even if we specify a midi port ?

Your welcome. Yes, even when you specify a port. Doesn’t work for midi_beat_clock.