How to synchronize Sonic Pi from an external midi device?

It’s something new for me. The goal is to control the bpm of sonic pi from Elektron Sample which sends midi clock.

So if you have tips or code, do not hesitate :slight_smile:


@nlb I don’t know how to do this, but I’m interested in all aspects of things controlling other things. I’ve majored on SPi controlling other things so far.

I’ve been using Cockos Incorporated | OSCII-bot to good effect. It’s got a scripting language that can send/receive both MIDI and OSC. Don’t know if it can handle MIDI clock but that’s where I’d look first if I were trying to do this. Something like: receive MIDI clock, translate into an OSC message to send to SPi

One day I’d like to get tooled up to write utilities that do these kind of conversions rather than relying on tidbits from the Internet. One day.

Commenting just to follow this, as I’d like to try this too in the future…

BTW you can bookmark posts :upside_down_face: to follow the subject.
As answers are not many, I guess this is not so easy as that so at this moment I give up this question. Turn off computers period has comed for me right now. See you in 2021 ! Going to learn at piano “always look on the bright side of life” and whistle !


Take care my friend. We’ll be here when you decide to come back.


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