Looking for recos for an electronica newbie

I’m a noob when it comes to electronica. I teach Sonic Pi in middle school and this summer decided I needed to learn more about electronic music (I’m a very old-school blues guy). So I dove down the rabbit hole and haven’t come up since!

So I’m looking for recommendations. Here’s what I’ve found that I really love so far, just for a reference point: Boards of Canada, Tycho, and Aphex Twin. I don’t know what that says about my taste, but I’d love more similar stuff. And while I think I’m leaning ambient, I also realize that I teach middle schoolers. So I need a healthy dose of danceable stuff.

I’m finding the more I listen to, the more I get ideas for song and music creation: beats, sounds, etc.

Ideas? Thanks in advance!
Bob Irving
Porter-Gaud School
Charleston, SC

Here are some of my recommendations:
Jean-Michel Jarre
The Human League
New Order

Especially Kraftwerk always amazes me. I think they still sound futuristic, even after 40years.

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Thanks! Listening to Autobahn right now. You’re right – they still sound futuristic!

Hi @birv2,

some things to listen to (on Youtube) in no style or genre order (all somehow associated with Electronica):

  • Ametsub
  • Animal Collective
  • Aparat
  • Autechre
  • Arovane
  • Bluetech
  • B12
  • Basic Channel
  • Biosphere
  • Black Dog Productions
  • Bowery Electric
  • Burger & Ink
  • Can
  • Chris Smith
  • Deepchord
  • Derrick May (and other belonging to Detroit Techno)
  • DJ Rum
  • DJ Shadow
  • Donato Dozzy
  • Four Tet
  • Francesco Tristano
  • Gas (Wolfgang Voigt)
  • Goldfrapp
  • Higher Intelligence Agency
  • Ilpo Väisänen
  • Jan Jelinek
  • Jon Hassell
  • Jörg Burger (The Modernist)
  • Ken Ishii
  • Loscil
  • LTJ Bukem
  • Luke Vilbert
  • Mika Vainio
  • Moby
  • Mouse on Mars
  • Monolake
  • Pete Namlook
  • Photek
  • Plaid
  • Seefeel
  • Senking
  • The Irresisbable Force
  • The Marcia Blaine School for Girls
  • The Orb
  • Vermont

This is more or less a random collection. Maybe you’ll get a copy of: All Music Guide to Electronica (editor: Vladimir Bogdanov) (not really fresh but a lot leads to follow). If you are oldschool and like to read about. Otherwise Youtube’s recommendations get you from here to Nirvana.

Have fun in the rabbit whole!


Well, that should be enough for the next decade or so! Thanks!

Before I forget:

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