Live_audio issue (Windows update?)

After a year or so gap of not using Sonic-pi, something that was working no longer does…

I always have had a buffer with the following code snippet taken directly from the help
with_fx :reverb do
with_fx :echo do
live_audio :foo

When I ran it and played my guitar, I would hear the effect. Now I hear no effect. No difference running or not.

Since it last worked Windows OS was updated to v10 - could be irrelevent.
(h/w hasn’t changed)
Any ideas ?

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I think you need an with_fx :record around that to get the sound input.

Nope, I cant even get that passed the syntax check, besides, the code snippet (taken directly from the HELP section 13.2 Live Audio has never changed.

Hi @lwh56, more recent versions of Sonic Pi don’t enable audio input by default. You have to explicitly select it in the preferences:

Hopefully this helps,