Late Introduction


My name is Artem. I live in US in Seattle but originally I’m from Russia. As a profession I do data science.

Early this year I got interested in making music. Around a month ago I got interested in using programming to generate music and so far I love it: you can get results much faster by writing a program rather than moving samples with mouse.

I tried to play with tidal cycle, fox dot ad overtone and so far I stick with Sonic Pi, mostly because I like Ruby.

I publish my tracks code on github, please check them out:


Hi Artem,

welcome to the Sonic Pi community. It’s great to have you here and thanks for sharing your tracks on GitHub, I’m sure they will prove to be very interesting for many of us (including myself).

I really hope you stick around and I look forward to seeing what you get up to with Sonic Pi!

Happy live coding :slight_smile: