Issue with Signal Routing onwards :sound_out, output: 17


I am using Blackhole to route signals to Ableton. I noticed that from channel 17 onwards, no signal is being transmitted. Since I have already used Blackhole 64 for other projects and had no issues at all, I suspect this might be a bug in sonic pi. But it could also be an issue on my end.

If you could help me resolve this issue, I would be grateful.



By default SP is set to use 16 channesl for input and output. This is set in
~/.sonic-pi/config/audio-settings.toml (it alters paramters for Supercollider to use)
You can edit this file and increase the number. However the higher you make it the more resources you requires from your computer. I would try 24 or 32 to start. In general don’t enable more than you need to use. In the raspberry pi ths number is set to 2 channels by default, as it is less powerfull, although on a Pi5 you can use more.