Is the GUI critical to Sonic Pi operations?

I’ve started playing (and digging into) Sonic Pi. One of the things I don’t like much in Supercollider is the strong coupling between sclang and the sc-ide, and I hoped Sonic Pi took a different path. However, from what I’ve read so far, Sonic Pi is meant to be used with its GUI, and a headless mode is not officially supported (if even possible).

It would be great if Sonic Pi could be fully programmed and controlled with a GUI-agnostic API (tcp/udp, OSC, websockets, whatever). Terminal, web, mobile GUis would open up a lot of possibilities, with one or many headless Sonic Pi’s running on headless Raspberries.

So my question is: is the (Qt based) GUI strictly required to operate Sonic Pi servers (the daemon and Spider, Tau, Scsynth)?

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HI there.You may find this useful to read

thx @robin.newman. My eyes were on the right place then, the daemon.rb script :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on it and I will try to build Sonic Pi to give the dev branch a try.

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