Is it possible for me to configure some visual effects, some text on the screen using sonic-pi?

One of the bands that I like the most is Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and many others. I mentioned these 3, because part of the electronic music I make on sonic-pi has this base, sound inspiration. For example, in this Kraftwerk - The Robots video some messages appear on the screen: Kraftwerk - The Robots (live) [HD] - YouTube

  • My question would be if there is any way I can display messages on the screen. Would it be possible to create music with sonic-pi with visual effects?

This is certainly possible. Others are free to chip in with specific examples if they wish, but in summary, it would involve using Sonic Pi’s OSC communication abilities to send an OSC message to another program, which would interpret the message and place text or draw graphics accordingly.

There are details of using the OSC functions in Tutorial chapter 12 and also the osc related functions in the Lang section of the help panel :+1: