Interactive elixir debugging, like irb

Hi! I noticed there are batch files in sonic-pi that can be added to path to use ruby interactive debugger.

When attempting the same with iex, or even directly via the folder, an error is returned

C:\Program Files\Sonic Pi\app\server\beam\tau_build\prod\rel\tau\releases\0.1.0>iex
Runtime terminating during boot ({cannot get bootfile,C:\Program Files\Sonic Pi\app\server\beam\tau\_build\prod\rel\tau/bin/start.boot})

Whilst the start.boot file in question appears to reside in the same folder as the batch file


The \tau\bin path only contains tau.bat

  1. Is iex being used by the SonicPi app, and not supposed to be used by users?
  2. Can I fix this by using some config command (setting a working dir) instead of copying files of creating symlinks?