How do I delete my account?

I couldn’t find how to delete my accoount nor swee any obvious links in my profile. I’m no longer really using Sonic Pi and am cleaning up unused accounts. thank you.

It’s a good question and it should be possible.
Even if i don’t want to delete my account, it would be great and normal to have this possibility and easy to find to process.

@samaaron what do you think about it ?


I believe that there’s no user option in Discourse to delete an account because that would also delete all the user’s posts, which would affect the readibility of threads.

@joe - did you want to also delete all your old posts? If not (and I hope you’re happy for them to stay in the forum) I can suspend your account which for you will have the same affect as deleting in that you won’t be able to use the forum any more, but it will keep your old posts in tact to preserve the forum.

it’s not a very cool method… It can be replaced by an “anonymous125151” without deleting threads…

Sorry, but I didn’t develop the forums, it’s a well-used system called Discourse.

I believe there’s an option to anonymise a specific user if that is what @joe would like.

of course @samaaron i know it’s not your “fault”

|'m happy to keep my posts available. So, I’ll reset my password to something insanely complex, and disable all notifications. Who knows, I might want to come back in the future, so not to worry, Sam, thanks for your help.

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@joe, would you like me to disable your account - stopping you from signing in but keeping your posts?

You could always have it re-activated in the future by sending an email?