Discord server about Sonic Pi

This forum is nice! But sometimes a synchronous dialogue option like Discord is great to have, too =)

Here is a “Sonic Pi Community” server you may join: https://discord.gg/Jr6PYx3

See you there! (and still here =))


Not sure it’s a good idea. For me Discord is a big mess and we risk to multiply the communication channels (not midi). It’s just my point of view and “chacun fait ce qu’il lui plaît plaît” :slight_smile:

Oh, discord and forums are very different and thus supplementary to each other. Forums are great to go ni depth about something, when tools like discord are more useful for quick help or simply bonding. I personnally don’t use forums a lot these days, so for me it will be discord or nothing, that’s I’m simply seeking for people in the same mindset, no problem!

And there are already a lot of people gathering on Facebook, and even some on Reddit. Spreading on different platforms will ultimately not be a weakness, but a strength, I think. This forum is great but it won’t “attract” people by itself. It’s just a logical endup point for people who discovered Sonic Pi somewhere else.

I’ll add that I’m mostly a lurker here, but I regularly browse the forum! I just don’t feel like if I don’t have anything important to ask/give here, I’ll keep it silent (and it’s good if we want forums to keep readable). On discord it’s easier (for me at least) to just go casual.

no pb at all ! it’s up to you, just saying i prefer one central forum than a discord system where you spend time to scroll to find a point you see before.
Good talk on discord @enkid0

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Forums are way better to store and retrieve informations, indeed.
Have a nice day!