How can I change my Username?

I am wanting to change my username as the name “bagofdragonite” is my artist name for an older set of projects and I’ve recently began to make music under a new name. I noticed no option for this in my settings.

However I did attempt to make a new account and noticed that there is an editable username option under the new profile. I’m wondering why this option doesn’t appear on my “bagofdragonite” account? Is this a new option that is unsupported for older accounts or is there a way I can change the username of this account without starting fresh?

Here’s photos illustrating the issue better:

My bagofdragonite account settings:

A new test account’s settings (notice the edit option beside the username):

If what I’m asking for is not possible it’s okay… just would prefer to use my original email and not start fresh.

It looks like the reason your new test account has an edit username option, and your existing account does not, is a forum setting preventing users from changing their username once the account is past a certain age. (Your test account is fairly new, hence the rename option is still available).

Once upon a time renaming your account was discouraged, as it would break things like the user tag @ references - hence the small window to allow account renaming, to minimise any potential breakage.

However, according to a comment on the discourse meta discussion forum, this may be less of an issue after they made some changes a little while ago.

In any case, this setting is not applicable to moderators, so one of us can easily make the change for you. Would you like ‘Doffu’ with a capitalised letter, or all lowercase?
We will also remove your test account, assuming you’re happy with that.

Okay I’m good with that. Can you change the username to capitalized: DOFFU.

And you can remove the test account. Thank you.

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