Hi all, Blender dev Nathan Letwory here

Hi all,

I am Nathan Letwory, a dutch guy living in Finland since 1997. I first found Sonic Pi back in 2016 on my Raspberry Pi. I managed to code up a piece I’m still very fond of.

For some while I have been enjoying the twitter feed from @robin.newman especially with his efforts on getting Sonic Pi working on Raspberry Pi 4. Along with having recently upped RPi4 count to 3 my interest for Sonic Pi I picked up dabbling in Sonic Pi again.

Once I have set up my RPi4s properly with Sonic Pi I hope to do some intro to coding with kids and wife.

With the renewed interest I also decided to support Sonic Pi development by @samaaron and become a patreon, the first supporting I do via the patreon.com system.

During the day I spend my time as a Blender developer (started in 2002/2003) and a Rhino 3D developer since 2014 (integrating the Cycles engine for the latter, release management/infra for the former). I noticed at least one fellow Blenderhead @enzyme69, fun to see.

I hope to hook up my Roland midi usb connector and with that hopefully some keyboards and v-drum kit I recently acquired. I also have some Garritan sound libraries I hope to access through the Aria player on Mac. At least the code+music future looks very interesting!

Thanks for taking the time to read the intro, and nice to meet you all.



Hi Nathan
Well done on joining the support for Sam Aaron on patreon. Also I’m glad you have enjoyed my work with Sonic Pi on Raspberry Pi. I hope the new deb download is working for you (via http://r.newman.ch/rpi/sonic-pi-3.2.1) look forward to seeing contributions from you on thsi site using it.

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Today I hoped to put some time in for that, but with these extraordinary times it was not to be. Fingers crossed for a moment in the coming week!

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Welcome to the Forum … the blender coding/Developer might come in handy … if you ever think to do a game there with sonic pi … it might be interesting coding but lots of coding… so with the way these days are … IDK…==

Aye, one would think seas of time with all that social distancing and working from home. But alas, with three kids at home, two of which are in school, each and every day and running two jobs - juggling all that ensures erratic day “schedules” (: