Greetings from Asturias

Hi everyone! This is Javier, from “Laboratorio de Sonido” of the Polytechnic Engineering Center in Gijón (Asturias, Spain) I am a sonic pi lover since many years ago and I am working with this amazing tool in some sonfications we are designing here to inform people about local bus network at the bus stops (time left to next bus, its line number and things like that…) Sonic Pi is really facilitating the work a lot. I hope to share the first results with you very soon! Thank you!


Hey @arcedeviento. Welcome! Looking forward to reading about/hearing the results - sounds like a fun project!

Sure!! I hope it’ll be soon. Thank you!

Hi @arcedeviento - welcome to our community!

It’s lovely to hear that you’ve been enjoying Sonic Pi for a while now and that it is being useful for you with your work. I really look forward to seeing the results when you’re ready to share them :slight_smile:

Have fun and happy live coding!

Hi, Sam! Thank you again for this amazing tool!

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