Fruity Loops, Converted in Audacity, Recorded in Sonic Pi, Cut and Exported in Fruity Loops, by How To Tell Your Parents You Are Not OK

You get what it says on the tin.

I took FL Studio, Converted it in Audacity using Raw Data Input. I took the sample and ran it through my noise generator I had built in Sonic Pi. After I recorded that, I took the recording, and did a few cuts in Fruity Loops, to complete the circle.

Note: This is HARSH NOISE, so you might not want to have your volume turned up too high when you click on play.

Regardless, I had to put up a single of it for the meme, and since I did it in Sonic Pi, I thought I would post it here since I haven’t posted in a while.

Cheers to you all! :smiley: