First play with Sam Aaron's fabulous addition to Sonic Pi

Currently under development by @samaaron is the integration of hydra.ojack with Sonic Pi. This utilises the new elixir driven phoenix framework live webview in Sonic Pi and points the way to amazing new facilities being developed for Sonic Pi. At present the additional code for the hydra development is in a separate bench on GitHub. I built it this morning on my Mac and have had a short play with it. The live view is accessed by a tab in the help view window, and there is also a button to generate a separate external view in your default browser. It simply has to point to a specified port on localhost where the page is generated.
I hav also built it on my RaspberryPi 8Gb Pi4 running Raspberry Pi OS 64bit and that works well too. At present it can’t be built on a 32bit Raspberry Pi OS because some of the software required to build it is not available in 32bit.

At present you can display Hydra sketches which are placed in a string following the function hydra placed in the normal Sonic Pi editor window.
Sam is doing further development to allow audio from Sonic Pi to be accessed, and also to allow midi and OSC messages to be utilised, so this will be a real game changer for Sonic Pi. You can create an external screen in your default browser by passing the E button and then run the sketch to have it display there. This screen can be on a second monitor if you wish, or it can be used as a backdrop to Sonic Pi with SP screen transparency activated.

Below is a screen shot of the Raspberry Pi displaying a hydra sketch on a detached help window displaying the Tau tab.

Here is a tweet I did yesterday showing the Mac version in action. Displayed on 4 safari screens arranged around sonic pi