Loving Hydra with Sonic Pi

Spent a day or two learning how to use Hydra, and to link it to Sonic Pi. I’m using OSC messages to interact with the hydra sketch, together with audio output from Sonic Pi. Just need to add node server to act as a bridge between Sonic Pi and the sketch which is running on a Chrome webpage. This sketch is using one of the new synths :bass_foundation in Sonic Pi 4 beta 8 and also utilising variable tempo using link.

higher res version plus a sketch with 4 similar sketches displayed on youtube


Hi, this is great! Thank you for this and all other posts of your experiments! Very inspiring to me. I really would like to follow your steps, but I have no idea on how to create a node server (I have no coding experiences except for SP and Hydra). Please, do you know any documentation/tutorial that explain how to create a node server (with node.js, I guess) so I could start studying a little? :wink:

I hope to write up something in the near future: however the release of Sonic Pi 4.0 is very near, and I will be sepnding time on building binary .deb packages to enable it to run on Rasberry Pi both 32bit and 64bit OS before that.
In the meantime you can just load https://hydra.ojack.xyz into a Chrome browser (Chromium on the Pi) and have a look at the tutorials in the help section. Looking up hydra-osc on github.com will discuss how to add support for OSC calls. On the Pi performance is fair on a Pi4, but not as good as on a Mac or PC.

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Thank you Robin for your reply. No hurry at all! :blush: As you suggested, I will spend some time on the hydra help page, trying to learn something more on OSC calls. Looking forward to play with SP 4!