Filepath not being read into Sonic Pi on Windows

I am a student trying to use Sonic Pi for a school project.
I have Sonic Pi on my windows computer (using Windows 11).
I’m currently trying to read in a CSV file and two WAV files into Sonic Pi.
When I read in my CSV file, I get an error saying:
"Runtime Error: [buffer 0, line 23] - Errno::EINVAL
Thread death!
Invalid argument @ rb_sysopen - the path of the file i’m trying to open "

When I try to play the WAV files, no sounds were made (but no error statement).

I have tried:

  • moved my file from OneDrive to local file on my desktop
  • eliminated spaces in my file names
  • moved my WAV files into Samples file within Sonic Pi

Hello @bishop Welcome to the forum!

The issue you are having with the WAV files sounds similar to a problem someone else was having recently on here.
I would recommend checking out this post and trying some of the suggestions.

I’m not sure about the issue with the CSV. It would be helpful if you post the code you were trying to run so others can get a look at it and better diagnose the problems you are having.

Remember to start and end all block of code with 3 tick marks - ```

Best of luck!

Thank you for the warm welcome and sorry for the late response!
The post you recommended to me worked out my problem.
Thank you!

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