Feedbacks about these external machines?


is there somebody using this :

or this

or this

I can’t speak for the Elektron or PO-33, but there shouldn’t be any problem at all using the UNO synth with sonic pi. Sonic Pi has everything you need for sending MIDI signals, both for notes and controlling parameters. You can use live_audio to feed the audio from it into Sonic Pi, for effects and such. I have been using my Roland SE-02 with no problems at all (except for latency, which I blame Windows for)

As for the other two, you could use live_audio to route the sound through Sonic Pi, basically turn it into a mixer. I have no idea whether that’s feasible or not.

yep it was more to get feedbacks from potentials users without special link with sonic pi. A post to talk about external music machines.
But thanks for your thoughts.