Enter key not working

I have a student experiencing a problem that when enter is pressed, it does not move down to the next line of code. This is on windows with SPi 3.2. I’ve never personally had this problem, but have seen it come up a couple of times at computers I use at my school. These are computers running Windows 9 or 10 with Sonic Pi 3.1.

It feels like the device more than the program but wanted to see if anyone has every experienced this or has an idea on how to fix it.



it’s you use a windows 9, we can’t do nothing for you :slight_smile:

Sure the editor windows zone is well active ? cursor on it ?

Ahh yes. I only use Windows on school computers and am willfully ignorant with these things (although at the moment I’m having to brush up).

Yes, to the other questions though. Code is typed into the window but when pressing enter, it doesn’t move down to another line.

Does the problem persist if you switch buffers and/or reboot the program?

Also, there have been a whole heap of changes since v3.1 so if there’s any chance of upgrading to v3.2.2 you might find it silently fixes itself.

I’m waiting to find out from the student. I think she does have the newer version or whatever is available to download off the website right now.

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Restarting work!
Thanks for the support.