Changing numeric values with arrow keys?

New SPi user, what a cool piece of software. Something I noticed right away that I’d like to see is the ability to highlight a numeric value in code, and by hitting the up/down keys the value will change correspondingly.

This is like in Chrome when you look at something in the html in the developer tools. If you select a numeric value then use your arrow keys the values change. And by using the Alt and CMD/CTRL keys you change the scale of the increase or decrease.

I know nearly nothing about Sonic Pi yet, so maybe this is possible with an extension or add-on, or even with the stock app.

What you think?

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Such a thing does not currently exist, but does not sound fiendishly difficult to implement.
As far as the core team is concerned, if the others agreed that it was a suitable feature, (perhaps @samaaron or @xavierriley might have comments?) it might be possible to add something like this in - though again really comes down to a question of priorities vs resources. (We have spent the bulk of our time recently between maintenance, boot-up stability and replacing less efficient components of the system, rather than adding new features :sweat_smile:)

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Thanks Ethan. I’d think this feature slots in nicely with SPi’s philosophy of making experimentation as quick to implement as possible. I also work exclusively on a laptop without a keypad, lots of numeric value changing can get tiresome sometimes. For sure, that balance between stability and feature rollout is the eternal struggle (I’m a developer too, C#…)

@hitsware - as you can see, gets is not part of the supported Sonic Pi language :wink:

Yes . I was thinking that perhaps since Sonic Pi
uses Ruby , it may be possible to implement it ? …
But I know esentialy nothing along those lines …

I am sure such a thing would be possible, though it would require adding a new kind of feature like a command line input panel. It’s probably a reasonable idea to discuss for the wishlist at least :+1: