Wondering: Why does the editor lose focus on error?

As a new Sonic Pi user, I wonder why the cursor jumps from the code editor to the “runtime error” window, so we have to press CTRL+SHIFT+e or use the mouse to click the code editor, to be able to type again and correct the error.

Wouldn’t it be better that the code editor didn’t loose focus, since it’s most often it’s just a simple typingerror that need to be fixed?

Using Sonic Pi 3.3.1 on Win

AFAIK, it’s for accessibility reasons - so that is much easier for rapid error feedback for blind and vision impaired folks. (@samaaron, feel free to correct me otherwise!).

FYI, you can also refocus the editor when this happens by hitting the escape key :slightly_smiling_face:

Ty @ethancrawford
Didn’t know about the ESC key.

I still think it would be better to keep focus on editor as standard :slight_smile: