Does sonic-pi 4.5.1 on raspberry 5 work with minecraft-pi reborn?

Hi there, I am preparing for a Sonic Pi course in a CoderDojo and I am have set up the following successfully:
raspberry 5, sonic-pi 4.5.1, minecraft-pi (modded) installed from PiApps). I’ve got the Code Music with Sonic Pi book from Sam Aaron and progressed through to Chapter Five Musical Minecraft. I got both Minecraft and Sonic Pi running and when I do
mc_message "Hello Minecraft from Sonic Pi!"

I get the following error:

Runtime Error: [buffer 7, line 1] - Thread death!
 undefined method `mc_message' for Runtime:SonicPiLang
workspace_seven:1:in `block (2 levels) in __spider_eval'
/opt/sonic-pi/app/server/ruby/lib/sonicpi/runtime.rb:957:in `eval'
/opt/sonic-pi/app/server/ruby/lib/sonicpi/runtime.rb:957:in `block (2 levels) in __spider_eval'
/opt/sonic-pi/app/server/ruby/lib/sonicpi/runtime.rb:1202:in `block (2 levels) in __in_thread'

I fear that support has dropped for mc functions in sonic-pi 4.5.1 and hope I am doing something stupid rather? Did someone get this setup working or has a pointer on what to try to get my set up working?

I’m afraid that Minecraft support was withdrawn from Sonic Pi from version 4.0
* The Minecraft Pi Edition API has been removed (all `mc_` fns). Minecraft Pi Edition appears to no longer ship on Raspberry Pi OS and the Pi Edition API is not the same as the standard Minecraft API.