Creative music coding workshop, Bratislava 2018

Hi all,

here is some output what I did with kids 10 - 14 yrs, 4 days / 3 hours with live concert, very short - 10 min :slight_smile:

pict from concert:

They were really great and appreciated it and Me too :slight_smile:
Second day the kids came sooner and they started coding before start of workshop. And this was mantra every day.

2 of 12 kids didn’t play any instruments before, but they was able to construct their own music. Just like if they paint their own picture. And that is great!

For example, the opening part of the concert was music of such guy. The first 15 seconds (approx)

I was intentionally hiding the concept of 4/4 beats to push them to experiment, to feel more freedom. Of course, the older boys (13-14yrs) discover it soon:)

And there is one fact that younger kids were more free to experiment. The olders try to make the kind of music they know from media. 4/4 and so on…

For the concert I divided group into three 4kids groups with the intention to make 3 bigger pieces.

In the concert there are some interesting interludiums which were between them.

live concert:

many thanks for the GREAT software



How wonderful! Thank-you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you Sam!
I think, sonic pi could be instrument for music lessons on elementary schools. Definitely.
I am doing some PhD research about this topic.

I love to see kids to make their own music because that is the best approach to learn music.

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