Control FX dry/wet amounts - e.g. how to get a completely 'wet' signal

A common technique I’ve made use of in DAWs is to take a sound, pass the signal through reverb and then mute the original sound (essentially turn the dry signal to 0% and wet signal to 100%). This gives the effect that reverb is coming out of nowhere because you can no longer hear the sound source. Is there a way to hear the FX output without hearing the source sound in Sonic Pi?

Hi there @bagofdragonite,

yes, there’s a very easy way of doing this. Every FX has a mix: opt which allows you to specify the amount of dry/wet signal:

  • mix: 0 - is all dry,
  • mix: 1 - is all wet,
  • mix: 0.5 - is 50% wet and 50% dry,
  • mix: 0.25 - is 25% wet and 75% dry,
  • etc.

Most reverbs typically have a bit of wet and dry signals passing through, so to fit to the norm, the default mix: value is 0.4. However, if you change it to 1 you’ll get the effect you’re looking for:

with_fx :reverb, mix: 1 do
  # play sound here

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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