Celebrate the month of #Synthtober

As creatives across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are celebrating in #inktober. I’m taking the opportunity to commit to a month of coding experiments, that I’m calling #synthtober, and I’m inviting you all to join in.

All you need to do is play around with sonic pi, post your code, your audio, maybe film the playback, whatever works for you, on social media and tag it with #synthtober

I’ll be posting the code to everything I do this month in my github, here.

Happy coding everyone!


Sounds like a fab idea! Who else is in?

So far, just me. I’m hoping folks here will join in. Just code/tag/share! If you want to tag your streams that’d be ace. :slight_smile:

Great idea, I’m hoping to put something new together for this, not sure what yet and I’m a bit rusty as far as sp goes, so this will be a good opportunity to dive back in :slight_smile:


I am doing the synthober thing as well and inktober by using 3 different languages ( sonic-pi being one). Here is the link to it : https://github.com/illestknock/Synthober-Inktober

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