Can a VPN interfere with startup?

Can running a VPN cause this in the error report:

[GUI] - Critical error! Could not boot Sonic Pi Server.
[GUI] - stopping UDP OSC Server...
[GUI] - Critical Error. Unable to connect to server..
[GUI] - UDP OSC Server no longer listening

I’m honestly not sure myself, but stranger things have happened. Are there any other clues in the logs when you attempt to start up in this situation?
Hopefully someone else might have a bit more insight :crossed_fingers:

Could also be a firewall issue as most VPNs are integrated with firewalls. SPi is listening on port 4560, and this port should be open for outgoing and incoming UDP traffic.

I’m always running the VPN, and this never happened before (or since). I thought I’d post about it, though. I have several other apps that sometimes take an extremely long time to start up (their icon keeps bouncing), then as soon as I turn off the VPN, they come right up. I’ve always assumed it’s because they phone home to check for updates. This is the first time I’ve had an app crash where I thought it might be VPN-related, and there was also an error report to share.