Beatbox sampler with sonic pi

Hi, if anyone has code or ideas please share these with me to create a beat-box sampler using sonic pi.
Not being a musician please excuse my ignorance.
it would be great if at the start of the program it could record a few seconds into 4 separate recordings ( variable of say 5 or 10 seconds for each sampler.)
At the start to have 4 samplers recorded. Suggestions but you may have better samplers to recommend.

  1. Beat
  2. Rhythm
  3. Lyrics
  4. Melody

and then have the sampler combine these and playback with some random effects for a a few loops.
Hope this is doable and within in the realm of sonic-pi.

kind regards

hi @wro

is this a "commercial order " ? :slight_smile: or you really want to learn how to use sonic pi ?
best regards

Lol, no it’s not commercial.