SonicPi has the best sampler?

i realised, that if i take a wide change of onsets it virtualy takes any onset of the given sample.
with the random seed you start picking individual onsets you like.
unfortunatly you have to listen to every single bit, because sometimes a break starts happenng between the onsets. had this problem just with custom samples. but if you listen to it you can avoid the breaks by choosing the right random seeds in order.

a1 = (range 0,99999)

samps2 = :loop_amen

live_loop :random_sampler do
  use_random_seed (ring 1,2,4,5,6,8,11,13,14).tick(:as1jdj)
  1.times do
    sample samps2, onset: a1.choose
    sleep sample_duration samps2, onset: a1.choose